Five, Seven, Ten or Fifteen YearLimited Residential Stain WarrantyBeaulieu® warrants that your carpet will offer improved stain resistantproperties compared to untreated carpet under normal use for the warrantyperiod specified on the product sample. This warranty applies tocommon household food and beverages only. Excluded from this warrantyare food and beverage substances that contain strongly colorednatural dyes, which include, but are not limited to hot coffee, herbaltea, mustard, substances that change or destroy dyes, such as bleaches,caustics, paints, plant food, medicines, skin care products containingBenzoyl Peroxide, perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, urine, feces, andvomit. Also excluded is carpet installed in bathrooms, kitchens andlaundry rooms. Removal of certain stains may require repeated cleanings,and may require professional cleaning. This is your obligation tomaintain warranty coverage. Cleaning stains should begin immediatelyafter discovery. The more time that elapses before cleaning the moredifficult the stain will be to remove. Frequent maintenance will keepyour carpet looking its best.*For Hollytex Ultimate Performance® Stain Removal see our specialinstructions for Hollytex Ultimate Performance® carpet in the Careand Maintenance section of this brochure.7

Seven or Ten Year Limited Permashield®Stain Protection WarrantyThis warranty is for products that specify PermaShield® Protection.PermaShield® advanced stain protection was developed exclusively byBeaulieu® for use on their carpets. Excluded from this warranty aresubstances that contain strongly colored natural dyes, which include,but are not limited to hot coffee, herbal tea, mustard, substances thatchange or destroy dyes, such as bleaches, caustics, paints, plant food,medicines, skin care products containing Benzoyl Peroxide, perfumes,colognes, cosmetics, urine, feces, and vomit. Also excluded is carpetinstalled in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Seven Year Limited Residential Soil WarrantyBeaulieu® warrants that your carpet will not show a noticeable changein color resulting from dry soil accumulation from indoor use that cannotbe removed by recommended maintenance procedures listed inour Carpet Care and Maintenance Guidelines. Over time, any carpetcan appear to change color due to dry soil accumulation. Noticeablecolor change is defined as a change less than a rating of three (3) usingthe AATCC Evaluation Procedure 1, Grey Scale for Color Change standardizedrating scale. Dry soil accumulation is one of the greatestthreats to carpet. Regular vacuuming and routine cleaning are requiredto maintain your carpet's appearance and performance. Light coloredcarpets will show soiling more readily than darker colors and requiremore frequent maintenance. Proper color selection is an essential considerationto help maintain your carpets appearance.

Five or Ten Year Limited Fade Resistance WarrantyBeaulieu® warrants that your carpet will not fade from sunlight, resultingin a noticeable color change more than one (1) unit on the AATCCGrey Scale under normal use for the warranty period specified on theproduct sample. Carpet installed in areas that are subject to sunlightexposure at least 50% of the time require protection (window treatments,curtains, blinds, shades, shutters, etc.) to minimize direct sunlightexposure.

LuxuryBac® 10 Year Limited Residential No-Wrinkle WarrantyBeaulieu® warrants that your LuxuryBac® carpet will remain free ofwrinkles and buckles under normal indoor use for a period of ten (10)years. LuxuryBac® carpet must be installed following the Carpet andRug Institute's Residential Installation Standard CRI-105. (Consult theBeaulieu® dealer for details or the Carpet and Rug Institute website If your LuxuryBac® carpet buckles and wrinklesafter proper installation, Beaulieu® will pay reasonable labor costs forre-stretching the affected area(s). If Beaulieu® determines these conditionscannot be corrected and your carpet cannot be restored to awrinkle-free condition, Beaulieu® will issue a credit to the dealer equalto the original purchase price for the affected room(s) only, which mustbe used towards the replacement cost of new Beaulieu® carpet of thesame or similar quality.

Twenty Year Limited Residential Anti-Static WarrantyBeaulieu® warrants that your carpet will not generate static greaterthan 5.0 kilovolts when tested using AATCC Test Method 134-91. Most8people will not be affected by static discharge at this low level. Routinemaintenance will help prevent static discharge. Soil-abraded fibers canadversely affect the static properties of a carpet. Static discharge ismore commonly encountered during cooler months and in warm, drymonths when indoor humidity is low. Static control may require the useof a humidifier to maintain relative humidity to a more comfortablelevel. Beaulieu® recommends your carpet be treated with a fluorochemicalstain resistant treatment after each cleaning to maintain theadded benefit of static resistance these treatments help to provide yourcarpet.

Twenty Year Limited Residential Quality Assurance WarrantyBeaulieu® is very confident about the quality of your new Beaulieu®carpet. This confidence comes from use of the finest materials andhighest quality control standards. This allows us to extend to you ourTwenty (20) Year Limited Residential Quality Assurance Warrantyagainst defects in the quality and workmanship of your carpet, commencingon the date of original carpet purchase.NOTE: Poorly installed and mistreated carpet can mistakenly be perceivedas carpet of questionable quality. Please refer to Consumer'sObligations for Warranty Protection. Conditions such as staining, soiling,pilling, and matting result from improperly maintained carpet andare not covered under this warranty.

Seven or Ten Year Limited ResidentialManufacturing Defect WarrantyBeaulieu® is very confident about the quality and workmanship of yournew Beaulieu® carpet. This confidence comes from incorporating thefinest materials and the highest quality standards. This allows us toextend to you our Limited Manufacturing Defect Warranty. This limitedwarranty, which commences on the date of original purchase, protectsyour carpet against manufacturing defects that could occur during theduration of this warranty. Manufacturing defects pertain to any defectin material or workmanship that was not visible prior to installation.Conditions such as shedding, pilling, crushing, normal texture change,matting, fading, staining or soiling do not indicate the presence of amanufacturing defect and are not covered and therefore, are excludedunder this warranty. Also excluded from this limited warranty is carpetinstalled on stairs, in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Pleaserefer to The Complete Warranty & Carpet Care Guide under sections“Limited Warranties” and “Warranty Exclusions” for more informationon the limitations and exclusions of this warranty. You should also referto this same brochure under sections “In the Event of a Claim” and“Usage Guide” for claims handling information.• To maintain your coverage under this limited warranty your carpet hasto be installed in accordance to the Carpet and Rug Institute CRI 105Standard for Installation of Residential Carpet.• Carpet installed by the tackless method requires the use of carpetcushion with a maximum thickness of 1/2 inch with a minimum weightdensity of 6 lb. per cubic foot.• Carpet must also be cleaned by a certified carpet care professionalevery twelve (12) to twenty four (24) months. Please keep copies of yourreceipts to document professional cleanings.

Indoor/Outdoor Limited Wear and Fade WarrantiesBeaulieu® warrants that your carpet will not wear more than 10% dueto fiber loss under normal use or exhibit ultraviolet degradation or"fade" of the fiber to the carpets backing as a result of sunlight exposurefor the warranty period. These warranties do not apply to carpetinstalled on stairs, or carpet exposed to abnormal use, such as athleticplaying fields, carpet exposed to constant direct sunlight such as boatdecks, docks, and roofs. For more details, refer to our Limited Wearand Fade Warranties found elsewhere in this brochure.*First half of warranty period. Manufacturer will provide 100% ofreplacement carpet or cost at its option, excluding labor.*Third quarter (50%-75%) of warranty period. Consumer assumes50% of replacement cost of carpet only, based on original purchaseprice, excluding labor.*Fourth quarter (75%-100%) of warranty period. Consumer assumes75% of replacement cost of carpet only, based on original purchaseprice, excluding labor.

Magic Fresh®Magic Fresh® is an exclusive self-renewing, odor-destroying carpettreatment specially formulated to keep your home smelling fresh.Magic Fresh® destroys common household odors, pet odors, even cigarettesmoke, and is environmentally friendly. Magic Fresh® withstandsrepeated cleanings and protects your flooring investment. For optimumodor protection, we recommend installing a carpet pad with amoisture barrier.

Limited WarrantiesThis brochure contains details of all the limited warranty features ofBeaulieu®'s line of residential and Main Street Commercial carpets.Each warranty applies only to the original purchaser; such warranty isalso transferable during the duration of the warranty, provided thatBeaulieu® determines the carpet has been properly installed andmaintained. Residential carpet installed in boats, recreational vehicles,motor homes, time-share dwellings, bathrooms, kitchens, laundryrooms and common areas of multi-family dwellings and areas otherthan owner-occupied residences are specifically excluded. Alsoexcluded is damage resulting from improper installation, impropermaintenance, abnormal use, abuse, water damage from plumbing,storms or flood, smoke, fire, installation of visibly defective carpet, andcarpet sold as seconds, less than first quality or “As Is”. Beaulieu®reserves the right to inspect and/or test your carpet in the event of aclaim. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, these warranties do notcover any costs associated with the replacement of existing carpet orthe installation of replacement carpet. If Beaulieu® determines thatreplacement carpet is necessary and the identical carpet is not available,Beaulieu® will, at its sole discretion, provide a carpet of comparablequality, color, and value, or refund a portion of the original purchaseprice to be used towards the purchase of a new Beaulieu® carpet.Under terms of these limited warranties, costs associated withreplacement carpet and refunds are subject to usage charges based onthe original purchase price and will be reduced by an amount equal tothe usage charge as calculated in the usage guide. All Beaulieu® car-10pets are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of originalpurchase against defects in quality and workmanship unless otherwisestated on the sample. All implied warranties of merchantabilityand fitness for a particular use shall have no greater duration than theperiod for the express written limited warranty applicable to your carpet.Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidentalor consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion maynot apply to you. These warranties give you specific legal rights andyou may have other legal rights, which vary from state to state. Thereare no express or implied warranties that extend to sales outside theUnited States. 

In the Event of a ClaimClaims must be submitted to Beaulieu® in writing by the Beaulieu®dealer, within a reasonable time after discovery of a defect. ABeaulieu® claim form must be used for this purpose, and this documentmust identify Beaulieu®'s invoice number, date, carpet style, carpetcolor, roll number, yardage, description of alleged defect, and theexact location of the carpet. Credit for Beaulieu® authorized claims willnot exceed the aggregate sum paid to Beaulieu® for the originalcarpet. This credit must be used toward the purchase of Beaulieu®carpet. All Beaulieu® limited warranties cover only carpet that hasbeen properly installed and maintained. Beaulieu® is not responsiblefor any product failure if recommended installation and maintenanceprocedures are not followed (see Consumer's Obligations for WarrantyProtection). Your Beaulieu carpet limited warranties do not cover minordifferences in carpet weight, color and texture between the dealer'ssample and the finished carpet. Slight variations between sample tosample and sample to roll are not uncommon and are not justifiablereasons to file a claim. If your claim pertains to a maintenance concern,a copy of your carpet cleaning invoice must be submitted to Beaulieu®within thirty (30) days from the date of service.

Warranty ExclusionsThese limited warranties exclude carpet that has been cut, altered, orinstalled with visible defects. Visible defects pertain to any defects thatcould or should have been seen prior to installation. Also excluded isinstalled carpet that is the wrong style, color, or width than what wasordered. Other exclusions include carpet installed on stairs, wear ordamage resulting from tears, cuts, snags, pulls, pets, burns, pilling,shedding, crushing, matting, improper installation, improper maintenance,damage caused by athletic equipment, chairs equipped withroller casters, and carpet sold as seconds or “As Is”. Unless otherwisespecified in the Beaulieu® limited warranty, any cost associated withclaims authorized by Beaulieu® does not include labor. Labor costsinclude, but are not limited to costs associated with on-site preparation,removing and disposing of existing carpet, extra handling,required sundries, and those costs resulting from the removal andre-installation of fixtures and furnishings.11 

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