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When you get Tarkett Laminate Floor installed in your home, you get flooring that has sophistication, flair, comfort and warmth. Choose from Tarkett Laminate Flooring's wide variety of laminate floors to reveal the personality of an already existing room, or establish the mood for a new room. Tarkett Laminate Floors iscomprised of seven collections of planking in more than a dozen variations of domestic species and a half-dozen exotics.

Tarkett Laminate flooring has trouble-free maintenance and easy installation using Tarkett Laminate's own X'traloc System. Tarkett Laminate flooring can be installed on top of nearly all kinds of subfloors including existing sheet, vinyl and tile floors. Tarkett Laminate presents superior products to satisfy the requirements of customers who have all kinds of different tastes. Embrace your personal style with Tarkett Laminate floors.


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Laminate : Tarkett Laminate

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