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Carpet is seldom replaced because it "wears" out. It is usually changed because it "uglies" out—or loses its fresh, new appearance. By reducing pile height loss and pile crushing, cushion can help keep a carpet “new” looking—and therefore stretch its usable life span. In wear resistance tests done by Independent Textile Testing Service, a variety of cushion types added to the wear resistance of carpet. The most universally accepted benefits of carpet cushion are that it makes a carpet feel better and look better longer. While the luxury is a subjective quality and cannot be measured, cushion does impart resiliency and resistance to pressure, which contribute to a carpet’s feeling on luxury. A carpeted environment is quiet because the pile surface absorbs surface noise at the source. But a carpet installed with separate cushion can make the room even more quiet. Another of the undisputed qualities of carpet cushion is that it improves the overall thermal insulation properties of a floor covering.

Please note that we offer no pad thicker than 7/16' thick. This is because most carpet manufacturers specify no thicker to meet certain warranty criteria.

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Carpet Pad : Carpet Padding

Carpet Padding
Residential Padding
$0.30 - $9.76/SF

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