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Mullican Hardwood Floors lead the way in high quality specialty hardwood flooring. To give the customer the ultimate satisfaction, Mullican goes all-out to make flooring with incomparable superiority and precision. Now-a-days consumers are more knowledgeable and astute about their purchases and as a result want more selection than ever. For these customers who are willing to pay for the upgrade, Mullican Flooring is a clear cut above all the rest. With specialty hardwood cuts such as Clear, Clear Quartered and Select Quartered oak, Herringbone Slats, and Specialty species such as Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, and Hard Maple, Mullican Flooring sets the standard. With Mullican Hardwood, all flooring is crafted using a combination of precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques, and the most demanding inspectors. Mullican Hardwood Flooring's unmatched quality and precision means floors that are easy to install and problem-free.


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