RETURN POLICY: Once an order has been placed it can be cancelled without any problem if the order has not loaded for shipment to our warehouse or to you, after that there will be a restock fee assessed by the manufacturer. We will pass this on to you. Once an order has been shipped it can be returned to our warehouse but that could take a few days or several weeks, which would be determined by how far the order had made it in its transit to you. If the shipment has been delivered you must make the item(s) available for pick up by the designated shipping company. You must also make the appropriate arrangements to load the material on the truck. Any return request must be made within 15 days of reciept of material. If the return is approved the material must be picked up by the freight carrier within 10 days. There are charges involved in returning a product that was either in transit or delivered. These charges consist of a restocking fee determind by the manufacturer and any applicable freight charges. These charges do not apply in the rare event that you should receive defective, damaged, or the wrong items, but you still must make the material available for return as we cannot ship a replacement until the original product is on its way back to our warehouse. If you ask us to cut your material into your specified room sizes, your order is non-cancellable.  If you have previously received and approved a sample, then the clearance item you purchased is non-returnable. In some instances, clearance items are returnable but only if you inform us within 15 days of receipt of material, and with most of these cases a return of clearance items will be subject to a 20% restock fee. Not all items are returnable. Please order accessories such as adhesive, grout, laminate and hardwood trims and moldings, and underlayment carefully as these items are non-returnable to any manufacturer. Some manufacturers also have a minimum returnable quantity. Please inquire before ordering.

DEFECTIVE ITEMS: For defects discovered prior to installation, we require a digital image sent via email or an actual sample swatch clearly showing the defect. Once a determination is made that the material is defective we will either:

1. Immediately issue a replacement once the material is in transit back to our warehouse with our designated carrier, or
2. Issue you a complete refund including incurred freight charges once the material is received in our warehouse in the condition it was shipped (wrapped and unaltered). Monetary considerations for consequential damages or inconvenience are not allowed.

DEFECTS FOUND AFTER INSTALLATION have varying policies depending on the defect. Typically, you will be required to have the installed product inspected by a CERTIFIED INSPECTOR. If the defect is a manufacturer's issue, you will be refunded the cost of the inspection. For manufacturer's defects, THE MANUFACTURER will usually offer replacement material and reasonable labor charge reimbursement or a monetary adjustment if desired.

DAMAGED ITEMS: Please notify our Customer Care Department upon deliver of your damaged merchandise.  Pictures of all damage are required before we will open a claim.  It is important to note ANY damage or concerns before signing the proof of delivery.   DO NOT REFUSE a shipment because of damage. Most damage is minimal, but BE SURE TO MAKE NOTE OF IT.  In most instances, we can send replacement material almost immediately and not delay your project. 

Damage noted at time of delivery: If the damaged is noted at time of delivery, the replacement can be sent out free of charge as soon as you notify Customer Care of your damage situation.  We will work promptly to get your replacement out as soon as the product becomes available.

Concealed damage: Claims for concealed damage MUST BE MADE within the individual  FREIGHT COMPANY'S acceptable time frame. We can only send a free replacement for items noted as damaged on the proof of delivery. If you discover more damage after the driver has gone, it then becomes a concealed damage claim. In which case, you will need to contact the freight company and notify them of your damage as soon as possible.

INCORRECT QUANTITY: Claims for shortages of materials must be made within 5 DAYS  of delivery. Claims for material shortage must be made BEFORE INSTALLATION and/or BEFORE any cuts are made. 

INCORRECT PRODUCT: Claims for incorrect product must be made within 10 DAYS of delivery.  Pictures will be required in order to open the claim.  Incorrect product must be returned so that the correct product can be shipped to you. The correct product CANNOT be shipped until the incorrect product is in transit back to us.

MISSING ITEMS: Please check shipment for all items before signing the proof of delivery. If you realize that you are missing any items please note the shortage on the proof of delivery and contact our Customer Care department immediately. We have to allow the freight company ample time to try and locate your missing items. After that time, if the freight company has not been able to locate your items, a replacement can then be ordered/shipped to you. If the missing items are not noted at time delivery, then the claim must be reported within 5 DAYS of delivery and a free replacement is not warranted.

1. Cutting or installing the material is your acceptance or approval. Refunds for altered material are not allowed for incorrect color, incorrect item, or clearly visible defects once the materials have been cut and/or installed. Selective installation of damaged or defective material is strictly prohibited unless approved by us in writing via email or U.S. postal service.

2. Installation errors or shortages caused by not verifying quantities with a professional independent installer are not our responsibility. Floor covering should only be ordered in quantities your installer has determined. Responsibility for shortages and any consequential damages caused by shortages lie with the consumer. Pattern repeats that are necessary in some floor coverings should be determined by the installer before ordering.

3. Clearance items are not returnable if you had previously approved the sample we supplied you.

4. If the items were requested to be cut into your specified room sizes the order is non-returnable and non-cancellable

5. Accessories such as adhesive, grout, laminate and hardwood trims and moldings and underlayments are non-returnable to ANY manufacturer.

6. Some manufacturers have a MINIMUM RETURNABLE QUANTITY. Please inquire before making your order.

7. Carpet ordered from online images and not from a physical sample is not recommended, image colors may vary from one computer to another. In most instances carpet ordered in less than full roll quantities is not returnable. Please check with our customer care team for exact returnable sizes.

A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER IS REQUIRED: Any item for return must be accompanied with a RGA number issued by us. Items returned without an RGA will be refused and no credit or refund given. This is strictly enforced.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Once an order has been placed, it can be cancelled without issue or fees, unless… 
1 – The product has been cut to customer’s specific dimensions, either in our warehouse or at the manufacturer. 
2 – The product has been shipped from the manufacturer and is in route to our warehouse. 
3 – The product has been received in our warehouse.
4 – The product has been loaded on the freight carrier for shipment to the customer. 
5 – The product ordered is a non-cancellable item with our supplier. 
6 – The product ordered is a custom product being made specifically for the customer.

If the order meets any of the above criteria, you will be charged a restocking fee determined by the manufacturer and if applicable, freight charges. These will be deducted prior to your refund being issued.

REFUND POLICY: If an order is returned/cancelled and a refund warranted, we will issue the refund in a timely manner. However, bank and/or credit card companies may take up to 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS to issue the refund back to the funding card/source. Refunds are made after deducting any applicable restocking fees and/or freight charges. No refunds will be issued until the item(s) is received back in our warehouse in the condition it left the warehouse. Refunds will be issued in the manner that original payment was made. We require approximately four (4) days from the time the item(s) is back in the warehouse to process refunds. Shipping charges are generally non-refundable except for damaged or wrong items.

If you have a question about any of these policies please give us a call and we'll discuss them in further detail.

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